Mini Cherry Cheese Danishes


1 package of crescent rolls You can use frozen as well but make sure they are thawed before use. The recommended one is Pilsbury for the perfect taste

Flour 1 or 2 tbs for dusting


Cream cheese 4 ounces

¾ cup powdered/granulated sugar

½ teaspoon of vanilla splash

1 can of cherry pie filling



⅓ granulated sugar to sprinkle on the Danishes

3 tbs milk

How To Make Mini Cherry Cheese Danishes

Now, it is time to prepare this sweet and candied dish. Take out the crescent rolls and unroll them. With a knife carefully cut them from the middle to make 15 slices.

Now, put them on the parchment paper. Make sure that the paper is greased before adding the slices.

You can use any measuring cup or a small saucer to press the rolls for a flat shape. Make sure to create walls with your hands so the filling remains inside.

Now, sprinkle flour on the sheet and over the rolls so they don’t stick.

Now, take a beater and mix soft cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla splash.

After preparing it carefully add small amounts of the mixture on each Danish. Make sure to do it nicely as you do not want to overdo it.

Now open the can and add 4 to 5 cherries according to your liking.

Put them in the oven and bake them for 15 to 20 minutes at 350 degree.

Now let it cool and prepare for the glaze.

You can mix powdered sugar and milk in the beater to make a thick mixture for glazing.

Add it on the top of Danishes and your favorite, mouthwatering recipe is ready

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